Welcome to Sheng Jay.

We are a Taiwanese Manufacturer in the electronic field for Bluetooth,GPS.

The Sheng Jay staff has years of experience in OEM/ODM manufacturing and we would be happy to meet with you at one of the upcoming fairs which we are planning to attend. We are looking forward to doing business with you. 

Mr. Tsung
CEO of Sheng Jay Automation




At Sheng Jay we emphasize on innovation and quality. We specializes in GPS innovative mix medias and productions. With our own Research and development team we’re confident to deliver the best suitable solutions to meet your OEM needs. At Sheng Jay’s manufacturing department we pay attentions to details, and make confirmation of qualities not by single examination procedure but triple!
Our product range includes Car DVR, Tracker, Speed Camera Detector, GPS innovations. In our products innovation range, we strike to develop new and user friendly products to meet the needs of the mass market.
In Sheng Jay we make technology to communicate with people! User friendliness is our product development goal. With affordable pricings at friendly user interface, we give you the best possible solution with easy to understand answers in no time at all!
Sheng Jay automation only uses certified premium components while aiming to keep the cost low. There’s no better partner to work with other then Sheng Jay as you’d find us professionalized, dedicated and flexible!
Sheng Jay took its development world widely, holding shows all over the world to know and to be known by the global village. With established sound name in West Europe, Asia Pacific and North American regions we’re confident that we will reply to your requests instantly!
Please contact us at service@sja.com.tw at anytime for us to put forward our royal level of service!
Or to attend to any of the following contact methods:
By Mail, or in Person: No. 12, Wulin St., Shulin City, Taipei 238, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Contact via phone: +886-2-2684-1569
Contact via facsimile: +886-2-2684-1567